MPS Shaft Grounding Strap

The Shaft Grounding Strap electrically connects a vessels drive shafts to the Vessel Bonding System and further reduces the incidence of galvanic corrosion on expensive metal drive parts.


Product Details


How It Works

A vessel bonding system connects each of the submerged metal parts allowing their individual electrochemical potential to be grounded via the circuit. The Shaft Grounding Strap is installed to provide an efficient connection between shafts and the bonding circuit. Your transom mounted Maddox anode is also connected to this circuit which enables it to sacrifice itself and protect the submerged metal parts.

Installation Instructions

Shaft Grounding Strap should only be installed by persons competent in fitting, maintenance or repair of marine vessels.

Maintenance Instructions

A visual inspection of the strap should be carried out regularly and lubricant re-applied during periods of frequent use and/or after bilge clean and mechanical maintenance. Fitting or maintenance not in accordance with MPS recommendations will void any product warranty.


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