Winch Servicing

Well maintained and cared for, a correctly specified and installed anchor winch will provide years of reliable, trouble-free anchoring.

Contact us when you require your winch serviced, repaired or full replacement and we will advise you on the correct winch including rope and chain package for your vessel.


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Accumulation of dirt and debris is the biggest problem for any equipment. Routinely wash down the above deck portion of the winch and chain with clean salt or fresh water.

Remove any corrosion build up and coat with a suitable protective product. This applies especially to the gearbox and motor.

Ensure that the clutches are in good working order by releasing and re-setting them during inspection and wash down. Periodic greasing of the clutch cones with a waterproof marine grease is essential.

Our team can service, maintain or discuss replacement with a new winch that will suit your vessel.


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