MPS Electrolysis Blocker-Galvanic Isolator

The MPS Elec­trol­y­sis Blocker™ is an approved gal­vanic isolator.

It’s unique per­for­mance and fea­tures tested to the high­est inter­na­tional marine standards.

A gal­vanic iso­la­tor is designed to block cor­ro­sion caus­ing cur­rent that trav­els between ves­sels at a marina using a com­mon shore power con­nec­tion.   The Elec­trol­y­sis Blocker has fail­safe con­struc­tion that offers no ongo­ing main­te­nance or mon­i­tor­ing. The unit is com­pact and easy to install.


Product Details


How It Works

Vessels in a marina are interconnected via the common shore earth which carries low voltage DC current between them and the marina. This DC current is passed through the metal through hull fittings in to the water where it is free to contribute to galvanic corrosion.  The result is more rapid consumption of anodes and then damage to unprotected submerged metal parts. An Electrolysis Blocker™: Blocks the damaging DC current Maintains effective AC earth capability

Installation Instructions

The MPS Electrolysis Blocker must be installed by a licenced Electrician. * The Electrolysis Blocker must be used in conjunction with a circuit breaker rated up to 16A max (minimum 5KA fault rated) and a 30mA residual current device.

Maintenance Instructions

The MPS Electrolysis Blocker does not require service or maintenance as it contains no moving or serviceable parts. Boat owners are required to obtain an Electrical Warrant Of Fitness (EWOF) for all vessels with hard wired 240VAC electrical systems. MPS recommend inspection periodically by a licenced electrician to ensure earth terminal connections remain secure and the unit stays properly mounted. Electrolysis Blockers can be tested for performance and/or fault conditions by a qualified electrician using a multimeter. The MPS Electrolysis Blocker is designed and sold for the purpose of galvanic corrosion protection and must not be used for any other use


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