MPS Maddox Anodes

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Product Details


How It Works

The Maddox anode is an internationally accredited sacrificial anode for timber and fibreglass vessels.   The patented composite alloy is closer than zinc in mV potential to the submerged metals found on most boats making it less aggressive on coatings and parts than the zinc equivalent.


The appropriate size anode for any one vessel depends on the type, volume and surface area of the submerged metals to be protected.  The anode consumption rate can be calculated with reference to DNV-RP-B401. Maddox anodes available in MAD1.6 MAD2.5 MAD4.2 Maddox anodes are manufactured without holes to allow custom fitting of the anode to any vessel.

Maintenance Instructions

The Maddox Anode has no moving or serviceable parts.  Marine Protection Systems recommends regular visual anode inspections and a comprehensive inspection whenever the vessel is on hardstand.

  1. Ensure anode is firmly connected to terminals and check retaining nuts.
  2. Ensure the integrity of the electrical connection is maintained.
  3. Effective use of an anode in a closed circuit is dependent on its connection to a bonding system.
  4. Check star washers continue to be firmly attached to the anode.
  5. Visually inspect bonding wires where they are attached to the anode terminal bolts.
  6. Ensure all metals in circuit maintaining their connection.

Contact a qualified Marine Electrician for further information to test and monitor the vessel’s bonding system and anode connection


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