Endurant Batteries

An iconic brand of marine batteries from the world’s best battery manufacturers – trusted by New Zealand’s marine electricians for more than 30 years.


Product Details


Sourced from global factories, Endurant batteries comprise standard and high performance calcium/calcium engine start, flooded deep cycle batteries, AGM dual purpose batteries for engine and house duty, and Gel batteries for deep cycle application.

The marine grade Endurant Boat Master starting range features heavier positive plates than an automotive battery and includes vibration and cycling resistive separators.

The Endurant Crankmaster range is New Zealand’s benchmark for high performance engine starting, with batteries precision manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, with features such as deep pocket envelope separators and compucast grids to provide superior performance.

Endurant Cyclemaster batteries offer reliable, proven, deep cycle performance. Robust performance provides excellent cycle life and a high resistance to corrosion.


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