Soberbarrier from PYROTEK.
The construction of Sorberbarrier increases overall transmission loss through the use of the decoupled barrier and provides a high degree of sound absorption, thereby reducing reverberant noise levels.


Product Details


Sorberbarrier combines the superior performance of the flexible mass barrier, Wavebar® together with the high absorption properties of Sorberfoam.

Wavebar is laminated to the Sorberfoam layer to alter the natural absorption curve enhancing sound absorption in mid to high frequencies.

The high performance of Sorberbarrier is achieved by its unique construction. Placing the mass barrier between two layers of absorbing foam, keeps the barrier separate from the structure to which it is bonded, allowing it to remain flexible at all times. This increases the noise transmission loss.

Areas of use:
Engine Compartments
Containerised generator sets
Pump motor enclosures

Sheet Sizes (Most popular sizes)
Sorberflex 20mm 4kg 1000 x 1300
AGC Facing Sound Insulation

Sorberflex 32mm 8kg 1000 x 1300
AGC Facing Sound Insulation


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