Fueltreat Biocide

Biocide BC-250 is the only diesel fuel treatment that you’ll need. It cleans your injectors, injection pumps and fuel system.
BC-250 Diesel Fuel Biocide
The complete diesel treatment for routine maintenance.

Product Details


BC-250 kills fungal and bacterial contamination and helps separate water from your fuel.

It is safe and easy to use, and will give you better fuel efficiency, stop premature filter blockages and protection against breakdowns of injectors and pumps.

BC-250 is perfect for diesel cars, 4x4s, light commercials, trucks and bus fleets, farm equipment, boats, plant and machinery.

Why BC-250 diesel fuel?

BC-250 diesel fuel biocide is the only diesel treatment you'll need because it:
Cleans your injectors and fuel system better that any other diesel engine cleaner
Kills bacterial and fungal contamination
Helps separate water from your fuel
Is a safe and easy to use diesel cleaner additive

What are the benefits of BC-250 diesel fuel?

Being able to extract all of the power that your engine was designed to deliver and saving on your fuel bills are just two of the great reasons for using BC-250.


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